Best3 provides very user friendly mobile and desktop Apps. These Apps are designed and developed for the convenience of those who seek information that can best help them to learn, earn and enjoy. Information is gathered from every information producer and presented to users rank ordered so they can obtain the information best for them for least expense of time.

Academic Admission Announcements, Job Openings, Tender Invitations, Investment Solicitations, Music, Movies, etc are all information that requires knowledge to evaluate, categorize and interpret.

Best3 is about providing Apps that in turn provide such information to our users. In particular we gather information from information publishers and facilitate reception of the gathered information by intended consumers of the information.

Best3 makes it unnecessary for information publishers to post their information at public information web portals. Publishers post their information at their own sites.

Best3 makes information available to information consumers saving them time. Academic Institutions, Investment Banks, Book Publishers, Music Labels, Movie Studios and other corporations are all information publishers.

Best3 receives all information they publish. Best3 evaluates, categorizes and interprets information employing machine-learnt and human input knowledge. Best3 stores information about information in its databases. Best3 serves the information to its users.

About technical opportunities at Best3

Best3 employs leading-edge technologies. Information publishers use HTML, CSS, Java, Javascript, .. to present their information.

Best3 employs web browser with JVM and Javascript interpreters with and without the rendering engine to pre-process using computers information meant for human consumption.

During and after pre-processing, information is stored as a Document Object Model tree.

Each piece of text, image, .. in the DOM tree is classified using efficient multi-class classification that are in turn learnt using Supervised, Semi-Supervised and Unsupervised Machine Learning.

Natural Language Understanding and Processing is applied for categorizing and processing the text.

Natural Language Understanding and Processing is applied for categorizing and processing the text.

Sophisticated models are built using non-linear system identification and parameter estimation techniques and are in turn employed for predicting future trends. We construct Recommendation Engines that determine based on related and unrelated preferences what information may be of value to our users and make such information available to them.

To enable our software to quickly serve information to our consumers, same is stored in high performance databases.

Semantic Web Technologies are employed to capture knowledge about data and processing and to automate processes.

Current Openings

Best3 is seeking 2 talented computer science graduates with academic or industrial experience in few of above areas. Best3 compensates competitively. Most importantly, we at Best3 have great plans and a lot of room for correct individuals to grow. Best3 has operations in Patna, India and San Jose, USA and requires the candidate to be able to both work across locations and be able to travel when required.

To apply, please enclose a recent resume, indicate in your cover letter why you consider yourself a fit for the openings at Best3 and email everything to hiring@best3.co.